Succession of Talleres Jerónimo Parra García

Manufacture of low pressure or Campsa dish end heads, MRC, or torispherical Klopper, Korbbogen or semi-elliptical and oval

We produce shapes according to Regulations
We produce dish end head shapes according to Regulations:
We use different materials and alloys
We use different materials and alloys:
Carbon Steels | Stainless Steels | Aluminiums | Copper | Corten Steels
We have got the Homologation Certificate
We have got the Homologation Certificate
Welding and Welder


FONCALP, S.L. is a familiar Spanish company dedicated to manufacture circular, oval, elliptical, panoramic and spherical dish end heads or bottoms, in different materials, which evolves an activity that began in 1904 on the metallurgical industry. Refounded in 1999, it keeps Jerónimo Parra Workshops’ experience and versatility in the production of dish end or boiler bottoms since 1974.

FONCALP, S.L. is a qualified company, which adapts to your needs and is also experienced, it is nationwide consolidated, it continues expanding at an international level, and it manufactures for the following sectors: petrochemical, food and wine, construction and production of machinery; in general, it is an auxiliary company of industries of goods, services and equipment of all types.

You can visit our catalogue to know the variety of figures that we produce. Between them, we underline:

- Cap dish end head
- Dish end head for low pressure, Campsa or PRC/MRC
- Dish end head Klopper or medium pressure
- Dish end head Korbbögen or high pressure
- Flat square flange
- Cover or capsule dish end head
- Dish end diffuser
- Oval boiler dish end head
- Elliptical boiler dish end head
- Panoramic boiler dish end head

Our vocation is to always work according to the client’s needs:

"A well done work results in the improvement of other works.".
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